Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy (early) birthday David!

We celebrated David's birthday a couple of weeks early because chances are, we won't see him again before then. 
I love that we had to relight candles a few times for Cannon and Karissa to blow out.  I love the excitement little ones bring to every occasion!
I love the laughing and calm chaos that a houseful of friends and family creates.

David's 12 favorites for the year he's turning 12 (his list, his words, his order):
1. his mp3 player (from us, happy birthday!)
2. books, especially about Greek mythology right now
3. playing board games with family
4. video games
5. hanging out with his dad
6. eating things that make his sisters want to gag
7. football
8. guns and shooting
9. a girl at school whose name he won't share
10. bookstores
11. Nickelback
12. Just being cool

We do think you are pretty cool David, we love you!  Happy birthday!

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