Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Makalooo! We love you!

I'm lucky enough to be this wonderful girl's aunt!  She just turned 8!  My mother-in-law threw a great party for her.  You know those goodie bags full of junk and candy that usually go home with kids after a party?  My mother-in-law did something so much more amazing than that!  Each of the kids went home with an actual gift, wrapped and all.  A good gift, as good as the birthday girl got!  How exciting would that be as a kid?  
Mak and her siblings have really been a blessing in my life, I love that they are 'mine'!  
Makaylyn is such a sweet girl, she is always helping and so often laughing and making everyone around her laugh.  She is such an artist (our walls are covered in her work!)  She's always creating and making things for people.  We want to say Happy happy birthday Makaylyn!  We love you Shousands!

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