Saturday, November 29, 2008

And in my free time..

These are a few of my recent sewing projects that aren't surprises for Christmas so I can share them. I've been at the sewing machine for hours each week and so many Christmas gifts are done and stored away! Such a good feeling! I made these the other day for a competition at a shop downtown. It was a lot of fun! I think I'll make a few more and we'll have new stockings for our first Christmas together as a family~!

Our Newest Family Member......

Her name is Molly. Polix is entertained by her. Spencer is enthralled with her, John secretly likes her (unless she is noisy or has to go outside for those outside needs dogs have) and I am quite fond of her too.
She's 4 months old and is breaking all the rules that dogs at our house have always had to live by. See how she is on the couch? Never before allowed to any canine member of the family before.
Polix, our 80 pound Labradoodle, has always thought he was a little lap dog and having Molly around seems to have strengthened his convictions on the subject. He is even more sure he is tiny like she is now that she's here to show him what she can get away with.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Deja Loo!

Happy Birthday Deja! You are 10 today and that blows me away! I can't believe a decade has passed since you got here. I was living with your mom and dad and Des when you were born. You were such an anxiously awaited baby~everyone was so excited to meet you. It was wonderful to be there and be able to spend so much time with baby you.
I feel so lucky to be your aunt. I have loved watching you grow into the smart funny girl you are now. You are so on my list of favorite people to hang out with, you always have a way of making people smile. You are so creative and such a good artist. You are beautiful.
You have a lot of really unique qualities that are beyond your years, you have a sensitivity and understanding of people's emotions that most kids don't, you are so caring and loving. This is part of what makes you so good with all animals you meet.
You have a clear view of what you believe is right and wrong and you are intense and strong enough to always want to carry out justice. This is a good good thing, but remember to sometimes take care of you too.
You are a terrific cousin, Spencer loves loves loves playing with you. You guys have always had a strong bond and could play for hours without conflict. One of my favorite times was when we were all at Grandma and Grandpa Moon's for Grandpa's birthday and your mom and I couldn't find you and Spencer, we went looking and found you in Uncle Colin's room with a gigantic pile of weapons between you, guns, bows and arrows, staffs, swords, sling name it it was there. We stopped unseen outside the door and heard you say "Spencer, I'm sooooo glad you are teaching me how to use all these weapons! I only have a ton of sisters and I needed someone to teach me this important stuff!!!!!"
Spencer is also oh so impressed at how loud you can burp. Indeed, you do burp louder and longer than anyone I've met, and my advise it to choose your company wisely when you let that charm shine through!
I love you so very much, so much more than there are words to describe. Happy Happy Birthday. I hope you have many happy wishes and dreams come true!
Aunt Dena

Monday, November 17, 2008

Beautiful, No?

Occasionally I've had to struggle with being positive about keeping positive thoughts on my positives list about living here. Its just not so easy going home again. And there are many many positives, I just struggle, at times, to keep them in the forefront of my mind.
Here is one that always amazes me. It is so beautiful here. Really so beautiful. Yesterday, needing to get out of the house (where I've been enjoying being chained to the sewing machine and newly acquired serger but still needing a break) John and I took a little hike up to Periodic Springs in the ice and snow. I've been there too many times to count but never in the ice and snow, I've seen it in all the other seasons. The hush and sharpness were a wonderful new experience. The water getting louder then quieter amidst the ice and snow was stunning. A wonderful day.
Today I decided to take advantage of it again before there is too much snow to make it up there. So with mug of hot chocolate and journal in tow the dog and I headed back up the trail, found a nice rock to sit on and write and enjoyed some reconnect with me time like I've not found in months. Wonderful wonderful day.