Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend long playdate for the whole family

A little redundant if you follow Emily's blog but here are some pictures of last weekend. We spent the weekend with Em, Nate and the kids. We had a good time and I've decided weekends are way too short!
I do want to point out the jammies, these are a few of my before Christmas-keep me oh so busy- sewing projects. All on the big side but thats better than small right? The fuzzy hats are homeade gifts from yours truley as well. I was so homemakerishly busy this holiday season! Then I went on strike, but this week I've become friends with my sewing machine once more. (pictures to come...)
Spencer said it was almost too sad to leave Marliegh (who he has nicknamed Charles......it went something like "Marliegh, Marles, Charles" and that is what stuck for him. For her sake I hope it passes and she is not known by many as Charles).
Spencer loves loves loves this baby! He informed me that when we have a baby at our house she has to be at least as cute as Marleigh. (this was after he suggested we just take Marliegh home instead of getting another baby).

Friday, January 23, 2009

This grumpy old lady...

is our house guest right now. This is Rosie. We are watching her for some friends. She is old and grumpy and does not tolerate Molly's wild playing well at all.
She has attached herself to John and sits under his chair or right next to him whenever he's home. When he's at work she is a little lost, I told him he should take her with him when he is gone during the day but for some reason he didn't think it was the best idea I've ever come up with.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Positive, Hopeful!

Inauguration Day is finally here!
I have to say that I feel so happy and hopeful about this change our nation is going through today. I didn't realize just how excited I was to see Bush leave but the relief that I felt when I saw the image of him getting on the plane headed for Texas and waving goodbye was huge.
In addition to the political changes I'm excited to see for our country I also love the idea of a family being in the white house again. I love the idea of these little girls giggling and playing in the white house and that our president and our first lady are so obviously people who have the well being of family in the forefront of their minds.
It is such an exciting time!
Welcome President Obama!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dena's play day

I love the picture of Tyson! He was so excited to get out the door that he got himself ready. What a good kid!

Last week I was able to get away for a day and go on some "dates". Corie (and Bella) and I sat around and talked and laughed and went to lunch. Oh, and entertained ourselves with the camera because we are always oh so good at that.

Later that night I was able to spend time hanging out with Emily and her family.
All this time with Bella and Marleigh just made me even more baby hungry. I was tempted to put my initials on some cute new outfits Marleigh has so that Emily would remember to pass them on to me when I have a baby girl. (I didn't)
I so needed this "day off" with my friends! I have been so homesick for these girls, it was great to go play and to share their babies for a little while.
Thanks Em and Corie!

Too Cold to Look at the Camera

I have been trying and trying and trying to upload a video and my computer does not think its a good idea I suppose. Computers. Sheesh.
So here are a couple of pictures from the day we took Davey home. We stopped in front of the Tetons for pictures but Spencer was "too cold to look at the camera". Kids. Sheesh.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

a few photos from our Christmas break

It turns out while waiting for the video to load for the other post I have PLENTY of time to upload some Christmas photos. Here are a few of our billions of this years pictures!

Taffy Making with Grandpa

Just a note, this post was started days and days ago but I ran out of time uploading the video. I'm trying again. Why does it take soooooo long????????


We've had such a fun busy couple of weeks! David was able to stay with us for a week after the girls had to go home and we stayed oh so busy. It was so sad to see the holiday break come to an end and say goodbye to kids!
Here is a little video footage from our annual taffy making night. (I know at one point I comment that it is a 10 minute video and in actuality it is only 3.5ish, I know, I know.)
Making taffy with my dad was always so fun as a kid. Really we mainly watched and kept my dad company while he made taffy but "helped" is a strong word. We were good taste testers though! I love watching our kids enjoy this activity with Big Grandpa too! It has become a Christmas (usually Christmas Eve) tradition and the kids look forward to it and talk about it for months after wards.
Here you go Auntie Liza! You asked for more, and while it may not be just what you had in mind.....
I have many of pictures to post and it will happen soon, I promise. Just not tonight! (As I'm sitting here STILL waiting for this video to upload!!!) It has given me time to read a bit of this: and this and this and to watch some funnies on this. And more, much more. Music has been added to my itunes for my new ipod. Pictures have been uploaded to Facebook. Games have been played with Spencer and Stanton. Still waiting for this video to upload. Sheesh. Seriously? Now I'm to the point where I'm doubting it will be worth it. I'm trying to remember why this 3.5 minutes of footage was going to be worth sharing. Oh me. Oh my.