Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here is another fun blog to visit...

Here is what I read that really made me get better perspective today.  I was able to quite take this good advise and take a deep breath, and be comforted by the fact that I know, even though I loose sight of it from time to time, that hard things do pass, life moves on and all is good.  Her words were just right for me today, they hit right where I needed them.  Sigh.

And if you haven't stumbled across her blog yet, NieNie dialogues is a great read!  Enjoy!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas, 1984 style

Merry Christmas everyone!  I received a wonderfully wonderful gift a few days early from my parents, a 35mm film to digital converter!  I've wanted one forever and I've had so much fun with it in just a few days!  It was all the more fun that my parents have a few huge boxes of negatives waiting to be scanned.  We made it through most of one box the other night.  There were treasures!  Including these Christmas photos from....I'm guessing 1984, given the approximate ages of myself and my brothers.
I'm so excited to go through the rest of the negatives!  And then my own too, I didn't start using a digital camera until my son was about 5 so all of my pictures of him before that are negatives that can soon be on my computer!  How wonderful!

Anyway, again, Merry Christmas!  I'm wishing you magical holidays this year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Late pregnancy has it's challenges!

So there are a few things I'd forgotten in the last ten years.  One is that in week 38 of pregnancy rolling over gets difficult.  So does trying to stand up from sitting on the floor.  Or even the couch, and especially the bathtub.

Maybe it doesn't get quite this uncomfortable for most.  I fell on the ice on Saturday and I think the pulled muscle feeling and the bruises make getting around more difficult than it needs to be.  Even walking was torture for a couple of days!  ~Much better now though. Still dealing with the uncomfortable awkward phase though, getting up especially is no fun. 

You know those handles in some tubs?  That kind of makes your mind think "old people tub"?  I wish so much right now that my tub had one of those.  It would be so much easier (since I'm also taking 2 or 3 baths a day at this point to combat both cold and late pregnancy discomforts).  But really I'd like one of those bars in front of the couch too.  And generally just floating in front of me at all times.  That would be a handy invention for pregnant women! 

I have made a few batches of bath salts to ease the discomforts and really just make the house smell wonderful since I'm taking a few baths a day.  Finding little quiet moments to reflect and slow down while I wait for this baby to get here.  So nice.  I hope your day is lovely!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

List it Tuesday 12/14

So as pregnancy nears an end I notice that more and more of my thoughts circle that exact topic, this human I'm host to for now and all that goes with that.  Maybe pregnancy obsessed?  Maybe.  And I'm embracing it.  How often are we pregnant anyway?  (not often for me, so I'm trying to soak it all up, every little bit).  It is fleeting, that is the point I'm trying to make, and why not be obsessed temporarily with something so consuming and amazing happening to your body?  If you are pregnant I encourage you to do the same, be obsessed, enjoy.  Your friends will likely forgive you that for a short time most of your stellar conversation skills are about the ups and downs of your pregnancy, pregnancy in general, worries and dreams for this baby, accounts of movements, questions about their get my point.

That is my little explanation for why my list is about baby stuff, pregnancy stuff, it is just where my head is.  There's no changing it because, my heart is there too.  And it will be for a while, bear with me.
(On that note...only 3 weeks to go! I kind of thought he may be on his way the other day, thankfully he wasn't.  I need more time before he gets here!)

My list of reasons the baby can't come Quite yet.  (am I jinxing myself to have him early with this list?:)

**I know that despite my list of fanstamazing reasons he should wait, that this baby will come whenever he decides his birthday is, and I am very much OK with that.  I am already on his "clock" after all.
Oh AND the name thing....not as much of a problem anymore!  Today a name came up that I think I love, and dad loves it too!  Yay for the possibility that this baby may not be nameless after all! 

Want to list along?  Here is Aimee's blog, Artsyville where List It Tuesday is hosted.  Lost of fun lists are linked in her Tuesday comments each week.  Blog hopping has never been so much fun!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jen's baby shower

Have I mentioned that my sister in law, Jen, is having a baby?  And our babies are due the exact SAME day?  Not at all planned that way but how fun, no?  So, Saturday was Jen's baby shower, it was so much fun to put together and get ready for it!  I hope she loved it!  It was a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures.  I didn't have my camera in working order that day, these are from Jen's camera.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Em's Christmas sewing

My niece, Emily has a list of things she wants to make for people for Christmas.  Because I can't share the fun things I'm making without their recipients seeing them early, I'm showing hers off just a bit.  She was finally able to come over and get started last night (and made much progress).  Look how cute these turned out!  And she did every every part of every step herself.  (So easy to 'help' her sew now!  All I have to do is answer the occasional question and keep her company).

Hopefully this weekend she'll be able to finish the rest of what is on her list. 

What projects do you have going on?

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

List it Tuesday 12/7

Aimee started List It Tuesday over here on her blog, Artsyville.  Want to play along? 

My list took on a nice chaotic form today, because that's what worries do right?  How nice to get it all out on paper and be that much closer to letting it all go.  Away, away.