Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Late pregnancy has it's challenges!

So there are a few things I'd forgotten in the last ten years.  One is that in week 38 of pregnancy rolling over gets difficult.  So does trying to stand up from sitting on the floor.  Or even the couch, and especially the bathtub.

Maybe it doesn't get quite this uncomfortable for most.  I fell on the ice on Saturday and I think the pulled muscle feeling and the bruises make getting around more difficult than it needs to be.  Even walking was torture for a couple of days!  ~Much better now though. Still dealing with the uncomfortable awkward phase though, getting up especially is no fun. 

You know those handles in some tubs?  That kind of makes your mind think "old people tub"?  I wish so much right now that my tub had one of those.  It would be so much easier (since I'm also taking 2 or 3 baths a day at this point to combat both cold and late pregnancy discomforts).  But really I'd like one of those bars in front of the couch too.  And generally just floating in front of me at all times.  That would be a handy invention for pregnant women! 

I have made a few batches of bath salts to ease the discomforts and really just make the house smell wonderful since I'm taking a few baths a day.  Finding little quiet moments to reflect and slow down while I wait for this baby to get here.  So nice.  I hope your day is lovely!

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Mary Lynn said...

I'm so sorry you fell! That is not fun! I wish I could take 3 baths a day tho.I'm way too cold! Hang in there.I can't wait to meet your new little guy.