Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lately I love...

A few things I love right now:

~I love my baby's love of Elmo and Sesame Street.  When nothing else calms a meltdown, Sesame Street always does!
~I love peanut butter M&M's.  A lot.  This baby must really like them.
~That I finally learned to crochet.  Still more of a knitting fan but I'm glad to finally know how to crochet.
~My Kindle.  Who knew I'd be such a fan?  Still love my 'real' books too.
~Magical Burt's Bees body wash that has a magical scent that makes the nausea go away.
~Having people once in a while who'll hang out with Ivan so I can go back to bed in the morning.  Or go to the bookstore without a toddler, or take a bath without a toddler.
~I love that my 11 year old is responsible enough to get up to his own alarm in the morning and get himself ready for school in time to make the bus.  I love smooth running mornings with no having to 'hurry' anyone along.
~I love how hilarious my 11 year old is and always trying to make people laugh.
~I love how cuddly my wild monkey toddler gets and his big baby kisses.
~I love days when it looks hopeful that snow may melt and spring may come.
~I love that I am starting to feel this new baby move, it makes things magical and real.
~Iced vanilla latte flavored drink mix.
~Lavender scented laundry.