Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy (early) birthday David!

We celebrated David's birthday a couple of weeks early because chances are, we won't see him again before then. 
I love that we had to relight candles a few times for Cannon and Karissa to blow out.  I love the excitement little ones bring to every occasion!
I love the laughing and calm chaos that a houseful of friends and family creates.

David's 12 favorites for the year he's turning 12 (his list, his words, his order):
1. his mp3 player (from us, happy birthday!)
2. books, especially about Greek mythology right now
3. playing board games with family
4. video games
5. hanging out with his dad
6. eating things that make his sisters want to gag
7. football
8. guns and shooting
9. a girl at school whose name he won't share
10. bookstores
11. Nickelback
12. Just being cool

We do think you are pretty cool David, we love you!  Happy birthday!

The Art Show

The artists spent hours creating and getting ready for their first art show! 

It was a very quaint and personal show with lots of interaction with the artists as they introduced each piece of work to each person at the show, complete with a description of why they made each piece and the price of the piece if you wanted to buy it.  Prices ranged between 5 cents and 70 cents.  With a few things marked 'free' or 'a penny'.   It turned out to be almost auction style, as the artists raised the prices as soon as someone was interested in purchasing anything.


There was a chance for the guests to have their photos taken with the artists.


There were guest artists that had work displayed but not for sale.

Ostrich Power, indeed.

There was also a chance for guests to 'try out' the art to see if it was really their style.  If someone was unsure about buying the piece the girls were quick to say something like "try it, you might like it"  or "but it is good colors!  You should buy it!"  And Have I mentioned my mother-in-law cracks me up?  She's 'trying out' this art to see if she wants to purchase it for the bedroom.


And, as all starving artists are, the girls were oh so excited about the profits!
A great first art show.  We're all looking forward to the next one.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today, this makes me very happy!

This is one of my favorite things ever!!!!
In case you can't read it:
Instructions: (actually it says instrucchons)
When you're happy you put something small in the bag.  When it's all filled up bring it back and we'll have a party.
Today Makaylyn and Natalie (our 'art' girls, as they want to be known) are in a creative, artistic frenzy getting ready for the art show I told them we could have tonight.  The kitchen and dining room are completely taken over with crafts and art everywhere.  Two girls couldn't be happier!
The "Happy Bags" are Mak's creation.  More pictures to come, they are very decorated (translation:glittery) bags with the word Happy somewhere on them and they each come with a page of instructions.  I love that she's coming up with more reasons to have parties!  And what a great reminder to think of things that make us happy. 
Much more to come.  I see a weekend of many many blog posts a head, if I can keep up with these kiddos!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pretty in Pink


A little of this and a little time and we ended up with:


A girl so very excited about her new pink hat!


This is my friend's daughter.  The other day she and I decided I would make her a pink hat (because she was having a rough rough day and she did not like the gray yarn I was working with that day, she very patiently told me all about how much prettier pink would be). Today it was fun to make her so giddy and happy! 

Banana muffins


I wasn't quick enough to get a photo while the platter was full!  After 4H was over yesterday Emily and Makaylyn stayed a while.  Spencer and Mak played in the snow then watched some episodes of The Simpsons.  Em and I made banana muffins.  I love when I get around to using the almost gross bananas!  It happens so fast in our house, someday I want one of those nifty banana tree things so they stay good longer! 


Doesn't she look ever so happy to be in front of the camera while cooking?  Silly girl.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A hicup, a small hicup

I can't speak for anyone else in my house but this sight gives me a little thrill.  While it may be a slight setback for this cleansing de-cluttering process I'm trying to stay on top of, this pile of goodness makes me a bit happy and excited wondering what it'll all end up as?
I'm crazy about the idea of reducing clutter.  So much stuff stuff stuff (surprising thats a 5 letter word and not four) builds up around us, makes us feel weighed down and claustrophobic and oh so tired (thinking of what to do with it all and how to clean up around it).  Mental and emotional stuff does this too but right now I'm talking about the actual physical stuff.  (which, in my opinion, leads to those other kinds of clutter).  I've made huge steps in clearing out boxes and boxes of stuff we don't need sitting around.   Then, the other day, in a moment of weakness I let a bit more into the house. 
I was at my mom's house the other night and mentioned that I need to find some dark brown yarn to finish a knitting project that has been sitting on my size ten needles for a while.  She knew she could help and off she went to look (through her own piles of 'stuff').  This is a picture of  what I came home with from her few minutes of purging.  
Already two little girls in my life have cute new hats waiting for them and one started for a third.  What will the rest of this be knitted into?  So exciting to think of the possibilities!
Um, while there are lots of fun bright colors....I still don't have the dark brown I need for my unfinished project.  That, I suppose, will have to continue waiting!

Tropical Negative

Yes.  It works.  It is showing the actual temperature from Monday at noon.  Noon, really.  Not 5 a.m. when it is supposed to be crazy cold, but noon.  And, people, by noon it had warmed up a bit!
I hear it is almost springtime in some places.  Lucky people in those places!
These are absolutely days to be wrapped in an electric blanket!  And so I have been, wrapped in John's electric blanket reading and knitting.  A nice break really.
About this blanket.  For Christmas my dad decided John really needed a small electric blanket to put on while at the computer or T.V. when he got home from work. I guess the why behind this is that John seems oh so cold when he stops at my parents house after work and my dad wanted to make him feel better, my dad is a good guy like that.  Anyway, fast forward a few weeks and the blanket is still in its original packaging, John is still just cold.  (or at least warming  himself without the blanket).  I decide what a waste, what a waste and I adopt said blanket as my own.  I've pretty much been wrapped in its electric warmness ever since and I am slightly ashamed to say that it ANNOYS me when John or any of the kids wander off with MY blanket.  And I realize that I may have to track down a few more to keep us all happy.
Wow, rambly pointless stories day around here hu?   Did I mention I'm sick?  Dumb cough, dumb headache, dumb sore throat.  But I'm keeping my desire to whine whine whine under control.  Must go find warm spot on couch and read my way better now.....

Monday, February 22, 2010

What a great weekend we had!

This past weekend our niece Makaylyn was baptized.  It was a special day for Maki, she had so much family around to support her on her big day.  Her Grandpa Clinger baptized her and her Grandpa Pierce confirmed her, and Grandmas gave talks and prayers.   When someone asked Spencer how he's related to Mak he said (instead of 'we're cousins'), "Well, my mom married Linda Clinger's son.".  Funny technical boy.
  It also was a good chance for us to all get together and hang out all weekend.  What is better than laughing with family?  Nothing.   And seriously it had been Far.  Too. Long. since we'd seen Lexi, Karissa and their parents!:)
Anywho, good weekend with a little catching up and a lot of family.  I so love this family!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Emmy went to a party where there were BOYS and DANCING.  So, of course we had to make sure her breath was horrible bad before dropping her off.  How cool of a party for a 12 year old birthday though yes?  I would have been in heaven.  I think my 12 year old birthday party was most likely, a sleepover with Teresa, Erin, Carol, Candice and Sunny and I'm sure we watched Grease, Footloose and License to Drive.  Maybe some Lost Boys too.  There may have even been dancing, because we had choreographed some great dances to songs like Electric Youth, and Hangin' Tough and Hold an Old Friends Hand.  And You are as cool as we were if you know those songs!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Too busy too busy

Long weekend last week.  That meant no school on Friday so the boy and I went to stay with some of our favorite friends on Thursday night then spent most of Friday meandering and shopping.  It was one of the first times that he wanted (wanted, not was forced) to go to the bookstore!
The break was wonderful.  Free time was wonderful! Something I've noticed about me, and have decided to take steps to change is how FULL my life gets of 'busy work'.  I have been taking on every little project that comes my way, working as much as possible, getting involved in many many causes and never saying no when someone needs something.  All this 'helping' isn't all bad of course and much of it is enjoyable and I love feeling like I'm helping and making a difference.  But I'm left a little drained at times.  The problem is the unhealthy balance and the reasons behind all the busy in my life.  That is the part I'm wanting to change, because the ugly truth is that I've been in a place in my life where I have wanted to stay busy busy busy to distract myself from what I was actually thinking and feeling.  I guess I thought that if I stayed busy enough I wouldn't have to think about what my life was, what its missing and what all of that means.  Distractions.  hmmm.  So my goal is to take a serious look at all the 'busy stuff' in my life and decide what is actually important to me to be involved in and what is necessary and what I can cut out.  Down time would be pretty amazing to have more of!  And time to focus on things I'm seeing as very important, and time to devote to change, all sounds nice to me.
I can make space for things that really matter to me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inside Out, indeed turned my world inside out!

I am taking an e-course right now that is really quite inspiring.  It actually just ended (but I'm still working on the last few days exercises)  and registration has opened up for the next session.  I so recommend it to you.  It has been a mindful journey that has helped me make strides to understand myself, honor true self, cultivate my creativity and connect with a wonderful group of kind, soulful dreamers!  It has been such a positive (even though there were bumps and a few tears as I realized certain things about me, about my life)  for me that I'm thinking of doing it again in April!
I know I've mentioned this course a few times the past four weeks.  Here I talked about it at just the beginning and reading that now it seems like forever ago!  
Shannon Kinney-Duh is the creator of this course and here you can read a little interview with her on the blog of one of my classmates.
I just wanted to spread the word a little further about her April session because I think it is an experience that can add so much to your life, if you let it.

Here are a couple of pieces that I've finished and feel attached to during the course.  You know how sometimes writing a letter to someone even though you'll never give it to them is theraputic to yourself?  I'm finding that creating a little art for someone even though you can't or won't give it to them has the same effect. 
(and the top picture is my new hair color~when my journal wasn't enough creative space, I used my hair!:) 

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A little thrill in my day


This came yesterday and I'm so excited about it!  I gifted a ball to my friend and what she's doing with it is pretty great!  
I'm being pulled away from the computer to go knit now! 

Happy Birthday Makalooo! We love you!

I'm lucky enough to be this wonderful girl's aunt!  She just turned 8!  My mother-in-law threw a great party for her.  You know those goodie bags full of junk and candy that usually go home with kids after a party?  My mother-in-law did something so much more amazing than that!  Each of the kids went home with an actual gift, wrapped and all.  A good gift, as good as the birthday girl got!  How exciting would that be as a kid?  
Mak and her siblings have really been a blessing in my life, I love that they are 'mine'!  
Makaylyn is such a sweet girl, she is always helping and so often laughing and making everyone around her laugh.  She is such an artist (our walls are covered in her work!)  She's always creating and making things for people.  We want to say Happy happy birthday Makaylyn!  We love you Shousands!

Getting out of town does the soul much good!

The last few weekends have taken me out of town.  So nice to leave the 'so much snow' for a little less snow for a couple of days!  Nothing too big and exciting.  Just an overnight with the girls one weekend for the sake of getting away (to Logan) and then a multi purpose trip to a Ghost town (I mean, Rock Springs)  with John the next.  How sad that both of those places are so much more tropical than here!
I do, though, feel a bit reset after getting away and my house is very thankful that I'm motivated to clean it again!