Thursday, February 04, 2010

Birthday parties, not just for kids anymore.

Happy Birthday Frannie!  I'm so glad she had a blast at her party since I secretly suspect it was really just a way for her parents to have another excuse to hang out with us, their wonderful friends!
Kellee is thinking she just won't wear underwear when she wears this dress because you might be able to see it:)  So nice of Frannie to let her borrow it!
I'm not sure if John would have made the effort to attend the party if Frannie didn't always call him "other daddy" (I'm "other mommie").  Glad he did though because one of the funniest parts of the evening to my silly brain was that Ozzie and John compared "owies":
J: I have this weird growth on my back
O: I have some weird growths
J: Want to feel mine?
O: Yes, want to feel mine?  Right here, weird tissue mass right?
J: Oh, very much like my weird tissue mass.  Amaaaazing.
and so on.   Not sure why but it really hit my FUNNY appreciation bone.

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