Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today, this makes me very happy!

This is one of my favorite things ever!!!!
In case you can't read it:
Instructions: (actually it says instrucchons)
When you're happy you put something small in the bag.  When it's all filled up bring it back and we'll have a party.
Today Makaylyn and Natalie (our 'art' girls, as they want to be known) are in a creative, artistic frenzy getting ready for the art show I told them we could have tonight.  The kitchen and dining room are completely taken over with crafts and art everywhere.  Two girls couldn't be happier!
The "Happy Bags" are Mak's creation.  More pictures to come, they are very decorated (translation:glittery) bags with the word Happy somewhere on them and they each come with a page of instructions.  I love that she's coming up with more reasons to have parties!  And what a great reminder to think of things that make us happy. 
Much more to come.  I see a weekend of many many blog posts a head, if I can keep up with these kiddos!

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