Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A hicup, a small hicup

I can't speak for anyone else in my house but this sight gives me a little thrill.  While it may be a slight setback for this cleansing de-cluttering process I'm trying to stay on top of, this pile of goodness makes me a bit happy and excited wondering what it'll all end up as?
I'm crazy about the idea of reducing clutter.  So much stuff stuff stuff (surprising thats a 5 letter word and not four) builds up around us, makes us feel weighed down and claustrophobic and oh so tired (thinking of what to do with it all and how to clean up around it).  Mental and emotional stuff does this too but right now I'm talking about the actual physical stuff.  (which, in my opinion, leads to those other kinds of clutter).  I've made huge steps in clearing out boxes and boxes of stuff we don't need sitting around.   Then, the other day, in a moment of weakness I let a bit more into the house. 
I was at my mom's house the other night and mentioned that I need to find some dark brown yarn to finish a knitting project that has been sitting on my size ten needles for a while.  She knew she could help and off she went to look (through her own piles of 'stuff').  This is a picture of  what I came home with from her few minutes of purging.  
Already two little girls in my life have cute new hats waiting for them and one started for a third.  What will the rest of this be knitted into?  So exciting to think of the possibilities!
Um, while there are lots of fun bright colors....I still don't have the dark brown I need for my unfinished project.  That, I suppose, will have to continue waiting!


Micah and Melinda said...

You have so much more patience than I do! Knitting makes me nuts! I have a similar pile of fabric, that I love! (just no motivation to dream of what it might be!)

Liza said...

I think I have dark brown yarn. I will check for ya chickie. Have fun yarning it up. Miss you..

Dena Moon Clinger said...

Thanks Lizapoo! Miss you too!!!!! Hopefully we are coming to see you sooooon!