Monday, February 22, 2010

What a great weekend we had!

This past weekend our niece Makaylyn was baptized.  It was a special day for Maki, she had so much family around to support her on her big day.  Her Grandpa Clinger baptized her and her Grandpa Pierce confirmed her, and Grandmas gave talks and prayers.   When someone asked Spencer how he's related to Mak he said (instead of 'we're cousins'), "Well, my mom married Linda Clinger's son.".  Funny technical boy.
  It also was a good chance for us to all get together and hang out all weekend.  What is better than laughing with family?  Nothing.   And seriously it had been Far.  Too. Long. since we'd seen Lexi, Karissa and their parents!:)
Anywho, good weekend with a little catching up and a lot of family.  I so love this family!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Emmy went to a party where there were BOYS and DANCING.  So, of course we had to make sure her breath was horrible bad before dropping her off.  How cool of a party for a 12 year old birthday though yes?  I would have been in heaven.  I think my 12 year old birthday party was most likely, a sleepover with Teresa, Erin, Carol, Candice and Sunny and I'm sure we watched Grease, Footloose and License to Drive.  Maybe some Lost Boys too.  There may have even been dancing, because we had choreographed some great dances to songs like Electric Youth, and Hangin' Tough and Hold an Old Friends Hand.  And You are as cool as we were if you know those songs!

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