Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A couple of my recent projects

A couple of weeks ago I decided to finally put together a quilt I saved scraps for during my Christmas gift making. (I also finally finished my brother's Christmas/birthday gift!...Now I just need to get motivated enough to mail it!)
I'm pretty happy with how the quilt turned out, I really wanted one large enough for our bed but was worried it would be to "colorful" to work in a format that large. It is our queen sized bed size but is getting a lot more attention all over the house as I wrap up in the couch or at my desk with it and the kids love it and take it all over the house as well.
The other thing we did a few weeks ago is get a start on our garden. It is still snowy here but I wanted as early of harvest as possible so we decided to start the vegetable garden in the living room and move it out to the green house and to the garden towards mid to end of May. It is so satisfying to know that we'll have our own healthy veggies, organic, and not shipped from far away, and not paid for at the grocery store! Now if we could just grow our own cheese...(and pepsi) haha.

***There are pictures to go with this post but for an hour now I've had NO luck getting them up here. I have the worst time trying to get this computer to upload pictures, any suggestions???
I'll go to the library and add photos when I get around to it. It always works frustrating!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Spring break was so snowy! It was a nice break though, we played a lot of games, watched movies, read good books, spent a lot of time at the library and one day Spencer and I went to Jackson to do some 'touristing'. The visitor center there has a lot of cool things to see (and its free!) so we stopped there as it is always one of his favorite places. The Wildlife Museum of Art is one of my favorites and Spencer has been there a handful of times in his life but was too young to remember so it was all new for him (and he loves it almost as much as I do!). They have some amazing new pieces and we loved spending the afternoon wandering and looking. The rest of our tourist day consisted of a lunch date and a walk in the snow then picked John up from work and headed home. I'm looking forward to nicer weather to get more out of our (not-so-tourist) adventures in Jackson.

Things I miss about living in Utah

The parking pass we put on a truck (from Wyoming) that blocked in Corie's car at the expo. haha
visiting Brock for his birthday
Yay!!!!!! Expo Coupon!!!
Tree Monkey Darien

Our Danica-Dena day
Deja the pioneer!

Things I miss about living in Utah:
My nieces
Less snow
Emily, Corie, Charlotte
The dollar theater
Less snow
Paradise Cafe'
The bird park

In March I was able to make a couple of trips to fight cabin fever and go see people I miss so much.
Mid March here is as good as Mid Winter. While this time of year brings thoughts of Springtime and thaw to those of you who live elsewhere, we're still shoveling the snow from the driveway every day. I was able to escape to "tropical" Utah for a day to have a "Danica-Dena" day and go to Deja's school program. The day started with a couple of massages then I went to the school to pick up Danica. We went to lunch, did a little shopping, and to the park. There wasn't snow at the park! The smell of wet earth and springtime was oh so lovely! We had a great time feeding the birds, walking on the trail and then playing on all the playgrounds! Such a great afternoon! And how about those cowboy boots? So stylin'! Danica and I, for the past couple of years, have had "Danica-Dena" days at least a couple of times a week. Being the youngest of the kids she always had a different school schedule so there was a lot of time she was the only one there. Now that I don't live around the corner anymore one of the things I miss most is these girls and especially these special days.
I was lucky enough to be able to go to Deja's Utah History program that her grade put on at the school that afternoon. Isn't she a cute pioneer?

Another escape to tropical Utah a weekend or two later was for the Scrapbook Expo with Corie, and an extra day of scrapbooking the next day with Charlotte. And a sleepover at Emily's. This was the weekend of Brock's birthday, I think he and Spencer thought it was pretty fantastic to get together for his birthday. And then a couple of doctor's appointments. A fantastic long weekend vacation if you don't count the doctor visits:)