Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Spring break was so snowy! It was a nice break though, we played a lot of games, watched movies, read good books, spent a lot of time at the library and one day Spencer and I went to Jackson to do some 'touristing'. The visitor center there has a lot of cool things to see (and its free!) so we stopped there as it is always one of his favorite places. The Wildlife Museum of Art is one of my favorites and Spencer has been there a handful of times in his life but was too young to remember so it was all new for him (and he loves it almost as much as I do!). They have some amazing new pieces and we loved spending the afternoon wandering and looking. The rest of our tourist day consisted of a lunch date and a walk in the snow then picked John up from work and headed home. I'm looking forward to nicer weather to get more out of our (not-so-tourist) adventures in Jackson.

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