Monday, December 19, 2011

Really no photos? Who Have I Become?!

Ok, so I am looking through my recent photos and, nothing.  NOTHING.  really?  gee.  My point and shoot camera is a bit on the downhill side of a slippery slope of death (yes, with the computer) and my other camera is just not as easy peasy to take pictures with while my arms are full of Baby.  sigh.  New goal: put said baby down long enough to take a few photos now and then.   Except said baby does not like being put down, or I should say rarely likes to be put down. And this mama really just likes holding him.  He's been here almost a year and I'm still amazed that he is here, and still don't really want to put him down.  So photos will wait, (as will the laundry??)
My dad is going to not be working for a while.  Maybe he'll move with me and be my nanny/and/or camera man.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

and so..

So the photo has little to do with what I'm posting.  I just quite like my baby.  And my dad.  They're pretty cool guys.

and so, there are some not happy things in my world, such as:
~colds.  yucky yucky stuffy noses coughing tired sore yucky colds....for me, for my kiddos, for people around us
~my computer is on its death bed.  I'll send out notices so everyone can attend the funeral.  I'll put a flyer at the post office.  This is sad indeed as it has really slowed down Christmas gift making progress.  I may give Valentine gifts instead
~my baby forgot he likes to go to bed around 8.  Now it is closer to midnight.  But he's so funny and chatty and cuddly that this may not be a bad thing

and so on and so on

The HAPPY, lets look at that:
~Happy to come home to find a brand new cozy pair of jammies for Ivan from Auntie Leda
~Happy that gifts and cards that need mailed for Christmas are on their way to their new homes (note, only people we really really love got cards, I'm not in a card mood this Christmas.  Again, look for a card from me at Valentines day instead)
~Happy for big changes.  Happy for Happy.  Happy for adventures (I could go on here)
~Oh so happy to be seeing home videos from 2001-2005 again, instead of packed in a box they are getting ready to make a digital debut
~Happy that I have a heater pointed at me at this very moment
~Happy for fuzzy socks
~Happy that it is bedtime

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I so love this little camera

Really really love it.  I've been reading reviews on it for a long time, since it was in its first models.  I am lucky enough to have the Digital Harinezumi 2 +++ living in my camera bag now!  Yes- Triple Plus!  That means it does even MORE cool stuff!!!!  It won't replace my SLR, or my video camera or anything, just add to the fun.
Maybe it is because I'm kind of a nostalgia junkie that I love it.  It can give your photos such a vintage feel.  I love that it is unpredictable like old 35mm and 110 cameras.  I like that you can get unexpected treasures from it.  I love that is is tiny enough to fit in my hand, that it looks like a kid's toy and that it makes choppy fuzzy silent video in the coolest color combos ever.  Yes, I know my photo/video editing software can take my photos and videos and give them these effects too.  But it is a little like traveling back in time (way back to, oh, the 70s?) to get these results straight from the camera!
 The artsy possibilities are endless.
Here are just a couple of favorites, these are all from July.  (So yes, did I mention I'm posting behind?  It is the cool thing to do, don't you know)  In 6 months I'll show you what I'm doing today.

I love the grainy old look these have.  I also love the crisp perfect look my other cameras give me.  But oh, how I love the old feel and cool artsy effects this camera gives me.

Monday, December 05, 2011

More fall knitting

These little owls are the unfinished versions.  It seems as soon as they have eyes and beaks they get claimed by someone and taken to be loved and played with.
My goal is to get some finished And photographed before they get passed on as gifts.
The guy in the top photo actually didn't ever get eyes or a beak and my baby still loves him and carries him around just the same.

Stylish feeties

Yes, it is December, and yes I'm just now posting these spiffy Halloween booties.  They were my first pair of booties knitted, so mistakes were many (its how you learn, right? :)  But Ivan's feet were still pretty warm and festive in them.  
A great thing about these particular booties is that they are made from yarn passed on from a friend, no out of pocket expense to put them together.  My favorite kind of project!
 I fell in love with how quick this pattern works up, and now Ivan and many of his little baby friends have pairs in various colors and sizes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy and Thankful

I feel very lucky to be mama to this little guy.  So thankful he is here.

And happy to be having fun with photo editing software.  And happy that Ivan has a cousin friend so close to his age!
Isn't that hat cute?  I wish I could talk Ivan into keeping the hat on  his head!  

In other news, happy for new places and adventures with people long important to me.  

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Support Small Business! I try.

Supporting local businesses is important.  A month or so ago I came across this one. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The important things

I've decided that things like doing the dishes are much less important than playing cars with these boys. 

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

11 years old! Happy Birthday Skunk!

Last month marked the 11 year anniversary of when I became a mom.  My big grown up 5th grader turned 11!  And to mark the occasion here is his list of his top eleven favorite things in the world right this minute.

8~Call of Duty Black Ops
9~Hunting games
11~Mt. Dew

Oh yes, this list speaks of my boy right now.  If I'd asked for a longer list I'm sure Metallica would make the list, and camping, and watching The Simpsons.  And of course his grandparents.  And football.  And his dogs.  Probably Lego, and Matchbox cars too.  And a couple of uncles, some cousins.  Laughing, family movie night, playing card games... Eleven is a bit limiting when you are trying to name your favorite things isn't it?

Monday, September 05, 2011

We're oh so busy

Busy crawling, busy getting into everything, busy learning the mechanics of standing and taking steps.  And mama is oh so busy cleaning up everything I'm helpful enough to pull out and 'sort' for her.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy 31st Uncle Stanton!

A big gigantic Happy Birthday to one of our favorite uncles, and one of my favorite brothers.  Happy Birthday Uncle Stanton!!!  Too bad he's out of town for his birthday, I know my boys would love to celebrate with him.  Well, Ivan would love to just stare at him with his eyebrows all scrunched up, because thats what he does.  Yep, Ivan has quite a way of communicating with Uncle Stanton.

River of Chocolate

Spencer wanted to take Ivan fishing.  Spencer wanted to fish.  Spencer always wants to fish.  The snow was crazy so the fishing wasn't great as early as my boy wanted it to be.  He had fun trying to catch him some fish.  And I felt like we were in the Chocolate Factory.  Doesn't that water look like the chocolate river? 
Much fun for these boys, and their mama to be outside, to laugh, to take pictures. 
Ivan did not catch any fish on this, his first time fishing.  Here's to next time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


As I look at these photos from a short visit early this summer I try to think of words that come to mind.  Ease.  The easy way summer evenings unfold into adventures.  The ease of Childhood to live in the moment and enjoy everything that is in front of you right now.  The ease of childhood to really feel and express emotions as they happen.  The ease of laughter.
I *almost* didn't go enjoy this evening, I almost didn't agree when these kids decided to go hunt down pillows because they thought a pillow fight would be fun, I almost didn't find the motivation to get out the camera and go take these pictures.  I almost missed out.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Favorite yard sale finds from today

Found some great things at yard sales today!  Here are a few of my favorites:
How cute is this set of skillets?  I heart them.  I am pretty fond of fun bright colorful kitchen stuff.  I'm positive cooking will be all that much more fun with these!!
I'm also really very fond of old (or old style) dishes.  These plates I think are pretty groovy.  And a set of 5 for ten cents total?  Yes please.  Thank you! 
Really?! This awesome salad set for $4???  I was awfully happy to give it a new home!
And it doubles as a set of baby toys!  Perfect!
A couple of old fabric books for the littlest of my boys.  A set of Rings for that same little guy.  ( I already had the baby by the way, I didn't find him at a yard sale).
And something for the bigger boy...
Spencer has decided he collects glass bottles.  Notice I did not say old bottles.  Just glass bottles.  It is his new "thing".  So far his collection consists of a couple of Jones soda bottles, a rootbeer bottle, a whiskey bottle his dad gave him from fish camp, and our most recently emptied soy sauce bottle.  Yep, not picky.  Just glass bottles.  Soon I'll get photos of his collection and let him write about it.  I love that the soy sauce bottle made the cut.  Hopefully when he gets home from his big long cross country adventure he's on with his grandparents, he'll like these 2 new bottles to add to the bunch.
So all this stuff, and a few other things... for less than $20.  Oh how sad it will be when yard sale season ends.

Let's both win Pink Kitchen Aid mixers!

Go to the link above to enter this contest.  For a Pink Kitchen Aid mixer!!  If you tell them you heard it from me we could BOTH win one!  I think this mixer (in any color:)  is what I've been hoping to find under the Christmas tree or wrapped up for my birthday for years now.  I think it would be so stinkin' fantastic to win one! 
If I win one I'll make you cookies.  If I like you.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh yum

Grandpa enjoyed this as much as Ivan did!  I wish this was a video instead of photos.  The thing missing is Ivan chatting and talking about his food and Grandpa laughing and laughing. 
Another milestone.  Food that comes from somewhere other than mommy's breasts.  Ivan started having rice cereal on June 10.  And had Sweet Potatoes on July 3rd, since then some other veggies and fruits and oatmeal have been added to the list.  He is getting more used to the idea, but still mostly a milk guy.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

memorize the moment

This morning I was holding my sleeping baby, thinking that I should put him down and get some other things done as he'd be asleep for a while this naptime.  Before putting him down I tried to memorize the moment.  Really feel the weight of him laying on me, really smell his baby smell, feel the soft soft skin of his hand holding my finger and really listen to his breathing and watch his eyelashes flutter. 
Listening to his breathing is but one of the happy sounds my little one makes that I'm caught by.  I spend my days listening to the greatest happy sounds I can imagine.  He is the chattiest baby I've ever known, he coos and talks almost constantly.  So much to say!  And laughs so easily~ one of his aunties says he's a very outgoing baby.  A friend of mine pointed out that he can't resist a smile, even when he is sad or tired or trying to be grumpy about something, if someone smiles at him he can't resist and has to smile back and talk a little.  And oh those smiles of his!  They are full body smiles, they start in the eyes, work themselves all through him down to the toes and then back up again.
I know that if offered a time machine a mommy would sneak back to these moments once they have passed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My lovey boy

This is what makes me smile.  My happy lovey boy.  Time speeding by so fast, not so much.
This blog has been in hibernation because I'm busy holding this little one.  Is there really a better use of time?  He will only be little for just this short time.
I'm trying much to enjoy the moments of my life even though I don't quite feel like 'me' and I've been struggling with depression and such. 
Just looking at this little face makes me realize that the most wonderful thing in the world is being 'mommy' though.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank you Auntie Lisa part 2~

So the same day I posted about the baby gift from Aunt Lisa this box showed up too!
We're pretty spoiled by her:)  Lots of fun Easter goodies for me and the boys.  So very much appreciated!  Such fun to open this and exciting to go through all the goodies!
Thank you Lisa!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank you Auntie Lisa!

Today as I was sorting through my photo file trying to decide what pictures I should print next I was reminded of this post I had started but not finished for my blog.  So here it is.  Later than panned (as happens when you have a baby, right:).
~~I was so very happily surprised when I talked to John the other night and he said I had a package waiting at the house.  I asked who it was from and he said there wasn't a return address.  When I got there and saw the package I thought "I'm sure that is my sister's handwriting"  But above my name was written ~(Gena Moon's daughter)~ so I thought maybe it was from a friend of my mom's or something?  I opened it to an envelope, and I was sure it was my sister's handwriting.  The excitement was crazy because, first, who doesn't love getting fun surprise mail?  and second, I had been thinking about my sister a ton and missing her so much, and wanting to talk to her.  
In the box were 2 BEAUTIFUL handmade baby afghans.  (and they smelled soooooo gooood too!  Like vanilla?  a little lavender?  Anyway, soooo good!  I was kind of sad to wash the good smell away:)

I love handmade gifts more than any other kind, and especially great stuff like this that can be saved and passed to Ivan's babies someday. 
Here are some pictures of baby Ivan enjoying his new blankies.

And a little update since I'm posting this a few months later than I planned when I wrote it:)  These have proved to be just the right size and weight to wrap Ivan up at night, just right so that after his last midnight snack he'll sleep longer than with other ones!  Amazing magical afghans!  These 2 and the one Suzy made him are my magical sleep trick!  We love them!!