Sunday, December 18, 2011

and so..

So the photo has little to do with what I'm posting.  I just quite like my baby.  And my dad.  They're pretty cool guys.

and so, there are some not happy things in my world, such as:
~colds.  yucky yucky stuffy noses coughing tired sore yucky colds....for me, for my kiddos, for people around us
~my computer is on its death bed.  I'll send out notices so everyone can attend the funeral.  I'll put a flyer at the post office.  This is sad indeed as it has really slowed down Christmas gift making progress.  I may give Valentine gifts instead
~my baby forgot he likes to go to bed around 8.  Now it is closer to midnight.  But he's so funny and chatty and cuddly that this may not be a bad thing

and so on and so on

The HAPPY, lets look at that:
~Happy to come home to find a brand new cozy pair of jammies for Ivan from Auntie Leda
~Happy that gifts and cards that need mailed for Christmas are on their way to their new homes (note, only people we really really love got cards, I'm not in a card mood this Christmas.  Again, look for a card from me at Valentines day instead)
~Happy for big changes.  Happy for Happy.  Happy for adventures (I could go on here)
~Oh so happy to be seeing home videos from 2001-2005 again, instead of packed in a box they are getting ready to make a digital debut
~Happy that I have a heater pointed at me at this very moment
~Happy for fuzzy socks
~Happy that it is bedtime

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