Monday, December 19, 2011

Really no photos? Who Have I Become?!

Ok, so I am looking through my recent photos and, nothing.  NOTHING.  really?  gee.  My point and shoot camera is a bit on the downhill side of a slippery slope of death (yes, with the computer) and my other camera is just not as easy peasy to take pictures with while my arms are full of Baby.  sigh.  New goal: put said baby down long enough to take a few photos now and then.   Except said baby does not like being put down, or I should say rarely likes to be put down. And this mama really just likes holding him.  He's been here almost a year and I'm still amazed that he is here, and still don't really want to put him down.  So photos will wait, (as will the laundry??)
My dad is going to not be working for a while.  Maybe he'll move with me and be my nanny/and/or camera man.

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