Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I so love this little camera

Really really love it.  I've been reading reviews on it for a long time, since it was in its first models.  I am lucky enough to have the Digital Harinezumi 2 +++ living in my camera bag now!  Yes- Triple Plus!  That means it does even MORE cool stuff!!!!  It won't replace my SLR, or my video camera or anything, just add to the fun.
Maybe it is because I'm kind of a nostalgia junkie that I love it.  It can give your photos such a vintage feel.  I love that it is unpredictable like old 35mm and 110 cameras.  I like that you can get unexpected treasures from it.  I love that is is tiny enough to fit in my hand, that it looks like a kid's toy and that it makes choppy fuzzy silent video in the coolest color combos ever.  Yes, I know my photo/video editing software can take my photos and videos and give them these effects too.  But it is a little like traveling back in time (way back to, oh, the 70s?) to get these results straight from the camera!
 The artsy possibilities are endless.
Here are just a couple of favorites, these are all from July.  (So yes, did I mention I'm posting behind?  It is the cool thing to do, don't you know)  In 6 months I'll show you what I'm doing today.

I love the grainy old look these have.  I also love the crisp perfect look my other cameras give me.  But oh, how I love the old feel and cool artsy effects this camera gives me.

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