Friday, March 25, 2011

Inventive with no crib

Our boy LOVES mobiles.  Really loves them.  Oh so much.  But this boy has no crib and the mobiles we have are not at all easy to attach to most things (would be super easy to attach to a crib). 

I realize there are probably more mobile options out there, that would attach to other things, but neither of the ones we have will.  We had to get creative. 

One is attached to a shelf above the pack and play.  And this one (that is oh so cool) didn't have a home, we have just held it for him to watch.  The point of a mobile though from this mommy's point of view, is to entertain for little stretches of time so I can do things that require my hands to be baby free.  Granted there aren't many things I do baby free these days (and that is fine by me, holding him is my favorite!)  But Anywho.... tonight we propped the mobile.  We did a spiffy job, no?  Leaning it just so on the carseat, and wallah...a favorite spot of his this evening was right there under his mobile.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Belated Birthday that is.  She turned some age on the day Ivan turned 2 months.
This photo is from the collection of negatives I've scanned from my parents.  My parents best guess at my mom's age in this photo is mid-twenties.  I emphasize the word guess since it is a bit of a secret (a.k.a. guess) at her age now!
I love how happy she looks in this picture.  I said that to Spencer and he said "because it was before you and Stanton and Colin were born".  Ha!  Hopefully she had some happy days after we were born too! 
Happy Birthday Mom!  We love you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Days full of love

Between not having my computer up and running and having this wonderful new little love to hold and snuggle all day this blog has kind of fallen into hibernation.  I thought I'd try to stop by and give a glimpse of what has been going on.  Really it has mostly been baby holding, baby feeding, baby rocking, baby changing, baby burping, baby smiles, baby picture get the idea.

I know it is repeated so often by all parents everywhere but...I really can't believe how fast my baby is growing and changing!  It shocks me that he is growing without me seeing exactly the moment he changes since I stare at him almost 100% of the time! 
Our days are full of love for sure.  Passing in a blur but so full of love.

Newborn Pictures of Ivan

Here are Ivan's newborn photos.  He was 18 days old.
Since Ivan was the New Year baby this year at Star Valley Medical center, he received many wonderful gifts.  One of my favorite so far was an oh so generous gift certificate from Rebecca White Photography (find her here).  She was absolutely wonderful!  So nice, so fun to hang out and visit with her while she took the time to get these amazing photos!  She was so patient with the unpredictable nature of a baby:)  .  I think her work is beautiful and I totally recommend her!  I'm so glad she offered this gift certificate because otherwise I may not have found her!
Aren't these photos just beautiful?  ~~ It helps that Ivan is totally one of the most beautiful babies ever, of course!