Friday, March 25, 2011

Inventive with no crib

Our boy LOVES mobiles.  Really loves them.  Oh so much.  But this boy has no crib and the mobiles we have are not at all easy to attach to most things (would be super easy to attach to a crib). 

I realize there are probably more mobile options out there, that would attach to other things, but neither of the ones we have will.  We had to get creative. 

One is attached to a shelf above the pack and play.  And this one (that is oh so cool) didn't have a home, we have just held it for him to watch.  The point of a mobile though from this mommy's point of view, is to entertain for little stretches of time so I can do things that require my hands to be baby free.  Granted there aren't many things I do baby free these days (and that is fine by me, holding him is my favorite!)  But Anywho.... tonight we propped the mobile.  We did a spiffy job, no?  Leaning it just so on the carseat, and wallah...a favorite spot of his this evening was right there under his mobile.

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