Thursday, June 30, 2011

memorize the moment

This morning I was holding my sleeping baby, thinking that I should put him down and get some other things done as he'd be asleep for a while this naptime.  Before putting him down I tried to memorize the moment.  Really feel the weight of him laying on me, really smell his baby smell, feel the soft soft skin of his hand holding my finger and really listen to his breathing and watch his eyelashes flutter. 
Listening to his breathing is but one of the happy sounds my little one makes that I'm caught by.  I spend my days listening to the greatest happy sounds I can imagine.  He is the chattiest baby I've ever known, he coos and talks almost constantly.  So much to say!  And laughs so easily~ one of his aunties says he's a very outgoing baby.  A friend of mine pointed out that he can't resist a smile, even when he is sad or tired or trying to be grumpy about something, if someone smiles at him he can't resist and has to smile back and talk a little.  And oh those smiles of his!  They are full body smiles, they start in the eyes, work themselves all through him down to the toes and then back up again.
I know that if offered a time machine a mommy would sneak back to these moments once they have passed.

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Jen said...

CUTE BOY! I have a shirt that says Daddy Rocks. We should make them wear it together.