Saturday, August 13, 2011

Favorite yard sale finds from today

Found some great things at yard sales today!  Here are a few of my favorites:
How cute is this set of skillets?  I heart them.  I am pretty fond of fun bright colorful kitchen stuff.  I'm positive cooking will be all that much more fun with these!!
I'm also really very fond of old (or old style) dishes.  These plates I think are pretty groovy.  And a set of 5 for ten cents total?  Yes please.  Thank you! 
Really?! This awesome salad set for $4???  I was awfully happy to give it a new home!
And it doubles as a set of baby toys!  Perfect!
A couple of old fabric books for the littlest of my boys.  A set of Rings for that same little guy.  ( I already had the baby by the way, I didn't find him at a yard sale).
And something for the bigger boy...
Spencer has decided he collects glass bottles.  Notice I did not say old bottles.  Just glass bottles.  It is his new "thing".  So far his collection consists of a couple of Jones soda bottles, a rootbeer bottle, a whiskey bottle his dad gave him from fish camp, and our most recently emptied soy sauce bottle.  Yep, not picky.  Just glass bottles.  Soon I'll get photos of his collection and let him write about it.  I love that the soy sauce bottle made the cut.  Hopefully when he gets home from his big long cross country adventure he's on with his grandparents, he'll like these 2 new bottles to add to the bunch.
So all this stuff, and a few other things... for less than $20.  Oh how sad it will be when yard sale season ends.

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