Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank you Auntie Lisa!

Today as I was sorting through my photo file trying to decide what pictures I should print next I was reminded of this post I had started but not finished for my blog.  So here it is.  Later than panned (as happens when you have a baby, right:).
~~I was so very happily surprised when I talked to John the other night and he said I had a package waiting at the house.  I asked who it was from and he said there wasn't a return address.  When I got there and saw the package I thought "I'm sure that is my sister's handwriting"  But above my name was written ~(Gena Moon's daughter)~ so I thought maybe it was from a friend of my mom's or something?  I opened it to an envelope, and I was sure it was my sister's handwriting.  The excitement was crazy because, first, who doesn't love getting fun surprise mail?  and second, I had been thinking about my sister a ton and missing her so much, and wanting to talk to her.  
In the box were 2 BEAUTIFUL handmade baby afghans.  (and they smelled soooooo gooood too!  Like vanilla?  a little lavender?  Anyway, soooo good!  I was kind of sad to wash the good smell away:)

I love handmade gifts more than any other kind, and especially great stuff like this that can be saved and passed to Ivan's babies someday. 
Here are some pictures of baby Ivan enjoying his new blankies.

And a little update since I'm posting this a few months later than I planned when I wrote it:)  These have proved to be just the right size and weight to wrap Ivan up at night, just right so that after his last midnight snack he'll sleep longer than with other ones!  Amazing magical afghans!  These 2 and the one Suzy made him are my magical sleep trick!  We love them!!

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