Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A couple of my recent projects

A couple of weeks ago I decided to finally put together a quilt I saved scraps for during my Christmas gift making. (I also finally finished my brother's Christmas/birthday gift!...Now I just need to get motivated enough to mail it!)
I'm pretty happy with how the quilt turned out, I really wanted one large enough for our bed but was worried it would be to "colorful" to work in a format that large. It is our queen sized bed size but is getting a lot more attention all over the house as I wrap up in the couch or at my desk with it and the kids love it and take it all over the house as well.
The other thing we did a few weeks ago is get a start on our garden. It is still snowy here but I wanted as early of harvest as possible so we decided to start the vegetable garden in the living room and move it out to the green house and to the garden towards mid to end of May. It is so satisfying to know that we'll have our own healthy veggies, organic, and not shipped from far away, and not paid for at the grocery store! Now if we could just grow our own cheese...(and pepsi) haha.

***There are pictures to go with this post but for an hour now I've had NO luck getting them up here. I have the worst time trying to get this computer to upload pictures, any suggestions???
I'll go to the library and add photos when I get around to it. It always works frustrating!

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Candice said...

I'm excited to see how your quilt turned out! I've helped tie several but have never done one on my own, several people have told me how much fun it is to put one together. You're lucky to have a greenhouse, what are you planting this year?