Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inside Out, indeed turned my world inside out!

I am taking an e-course right now that is really quite inspiring.  It actually just ended (but I'm still working on the last few days exercises)  and registration has opened up for the next session.  I so recommend it to you.  It has been a mindful journey that has helped me make strides to understand myself, honor true self, cultivate my creativity and connect with a wonderful group of kind, soulful dreamers!  It has been such a positive (even though there were bumps and a few tears as I realized certain things about me, about my life)  for me that I'm thinking of doing it again in April!
I know I've mentioned this course a few times the past four weeks.  Here I talked about it at just the beginning and reading that now it seems like forever ago!  
Shannon Kinney-Duh is the creator of this course and here you can read a little interview with her on the blog of one of my classmates.
I just wanted to spread the word a little further about her April session because I think it is an experience that can add so much to your life, if you let it.

Here are a couple of pieces that I've finished and feel attached to during the course.  You know how sometimes writing a letter to someone even though you'll never give it to them is theraputic to yourself?  I'm finding that creating a little art for someone even though you can't or won't give it to them has the same effect. 
(and the top picture is my new hair color~when my journal wasn't enough creative space, I used my hair!:) 


Shannon said...

Awesome!! I'll have to share this link on my blog sometime soon. I love LOVE your hair!!!! You are awesome, Dena. Thanks for sharing your experience so far with us.

Unknown said...

Such a great post. I also gained a ton from taking
This class. It was so awesome to take this
Journey with you!

HopefulLeigh said...

I love "Breathe!" Thanks for sharing!

Rochelle said...

I am glad to have shared in the journey with you Dena!

Shannon said...

Dena- I shared a link to your post today in my blog entry. Thanks for being you!

jennifer said...

The inside/out ecourse is pretty amazing, I agree!
And I'm on Day 15!! Whee!

Yvonne said...

It's been some journey, this course, far from over, here :) And I love having met you & your honesty!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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