Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mug Sculpting anyone?

Here is one of my favorite things that happened last week.  I was at my friend Kellee's and we were talking about how lately I have found drawing very meditative and it has been nice.  She said she'd been building with her son's blocks that morning (sans kids) and found the same thing.  A task you can 'busy' with but let your mind wander is a nice release and escape right? So the blocks were out, she built, we talked, she passed them to me, we still talked, out came the camera.  I joked that we should move our coffee mugs into the frame since 99% of our pictures together have mugs of coffee somewhere.  Then I joked that we could just build with coffee mugs and be sure to get all the comfort a mug can offer.  As soon as the words were out of my mouth we both realized what a brilliant idea this was for us in this moment and we HAD to do it.  So here are some photos of our fantastic coffee mug sculpture at Kel's.  I love love love that we were both so on board and so on the same page thinking this was the most wonderful idea!  So many people would just think it too silly to contemplate.  Not us, we're visionaries! 

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