Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tropical Negative

Yes.  It works.  It is showing the actual temperature from Monday at noon.  Noon, really.  Not 5 a.m. when it is supposed to be crazy cold, but noon.  And, people, by noon it had warmed up a bit!
I hear it is almost springtime in some places.  Lucky people in those places!
These are absolutely days to be wrapped in an electric blanket!  And so I have been, wrapped in John's electric blanket reading and knitting.  A nice break really.
About this blanket.  For Christmas my dad decided John really needed a small electric blanket to put on while at the computer or T.V. when he got home from work. I guess the why behind this is that John seems oh so cold when he stops at my parents house after work and my dad wanted to make him feel better, my dad is a good guy like that.  Anyway, fast forward a few weeks and the blanket is still in its original packaging, John is still just cold.  (or at least warming  himself without the blanket).  I decide what a waste, what a waste and I adopt said blanket as my own.  I've pretty much been wrapped in its electric warmness ever since and I am slightly ashamed to say that it ANNOYS me when John or any of the kids wander off with MY blanket.  And I realize that I may have to track down a few more to keep us all happy.
Wow, rambly pointless stories day around here hu?   Did I mention I'm sick?  Dumb cough, dumb headache, dumb sore throat.  But I'm keeping my desire to whine whine whine under control.  Must go find warm spot on couch and read my way better now.....

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Mary Lynn said...

Gary got me one of those blankets for Christmas too! I'm always, always cold and am sick of it! I love winter but I wish we could have the fun fluffy snow without the cold. hmmm... probably an oxy moron.