Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Art Show

The artists spent hours creating and getting ready for their first art show! 

It was a very quaint and personal show with lots of interaction with the artists as they introduced each piece of work to each person at the show, complete with a description of why they made each piece and the price of the piece if you wanted to buy it.  Prices ranged between 5 cents and 70 cents.  With a few things marked 'free' or 'a penny'.   It turned out to be almost auction style, as the artists raised the prices as soon as someone was interested in purchasing anything.


There was a chance for the guests to have their photos taken with the artists.


There were guest artists that had work displayed but not for sale.

Ostrich Power, indeed.

There was also a chance for guests to 'try out' the art to see if it was really their style.  If someone was unsure about buying the piece the girls were quick to say something like "try it, you might like it"  or "but it is good colors!  You should buy it!"  And Have I mentioned my mother-in-law cracks me up?  She's 'trying out' this art to see if she wants to purchase it for the bedroom.


And, as all starving artists are, the girls were oh so excited about the profits!
A great first art show.  We're all looking forward to the next one.

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Jen said...

Loved it, can't wait until monster trucks!