Tuesday, December 14, 2010

List it Tuesday 12/14

So as pregnancy nears an end I notice that more and more of my thoughts circle that exact topic, this human I'm host to for now and all that goes with that.  Maybe pregnancy obsessed?  Maybe.  And I'm embracing it.  How often are we pregnant anyway?  (not often for me, so I'm trying to soak it all up, every little bit).  It is fleeting, that is the point I'm trying to make, and why not be obsessed temporarily with something so consuming and amazing happening to your body?  If you are pregnant I encourage you to do the same, be obsessed, enjoy.  Your friends will likely forgive you that for a short time most of your stellar conversation skills are about the ups and downs of your pregnancy, pregnancy in general, worries and dreams for this baby, accounts of movements, questions about their pregnancies....you get my point.

That is my little explanation for why my list is about baby stuff, pregnancy stuff, it is just where my head is.  There's no changing it because, my heart is there too.  And it will be for a while, bear with me.
(On that note...only 3 weeks to go! I kind of thought he may be on his way the other day, thankfully he wasn't.  I need more time before he gets here!)

My list of reasons the baby can't come Quite yet.  (am I jinxing myself to have him early with this list?:)

**I know that despite my list of fanstamazing reasons he should wait, that this baby will come whenever he decides his birthday is, and I am very much OK with that.  I am already on his "clock" after all.
Oh AND the name thing....not as much of a problem anymore!  Today a name came up that I think I love, and dad loves it too!  Yay for the possibility that this baby may not be nameless after all! 

Want to list along?  Here is Aimee's blog, Artsyville where List It Tuesday is hosted.  Lost of fun lists are linked in her Tuesday comments each week.  Blog hopping has never been so much fun!


storybeader said...

wow - long list! You should be baby obsessed, with only 19 days to go! Hope the snow melts soon. Names.... I like the name David, and names that begin with J! {:-D

cat said...

What a sweet list - and I'm glad the little fellow doesn't have to go nameless now ;)

Shannon said...

So excited for you!!! Now that I have an almost 9 week old I just can't believe how fast the time goes. I'm happy to hear you are soaking up every moment. And thanks for your recent comments...grateful you had such a good "Inside Out" experience. Sending lots of wonderful energy for your upcoming birth... XO