Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend long playdate for the whole family

A little redundant if you follow Emily's blog but here are some pictures of last weekend. We spent the weekend with Em, Nate and the kids. We had a good time and I've decided weekends are way too short!
I do want to point out the jammies, these are a few of my before Christmas-keep me oh so busy- sewing projects. All on the big side but thats better than small right? The fuzzy hats are homeade gifts from yours truley as well. I was so homemakerishly busy this holiday season! Then I went on strike, but this week I've become friends with my sewing machine once more. (pictures to come...)
Spencer said it was almost too sad to leave Marliegh (who he has nicknamed Charles......it went something like "Marliegh, Marles, Charles" and that is what stuck for him. For her sake I hope it passes and she is not known by many as Charles).
Spencer loves loves loves this baby! He informed me that when we have a baby at our house she has to be at least as cute as Marleigh. (this was after he suggested we just take Marliegh home instead of getting another baby).

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Nate and Emily said...

So cute! I think there was one in there that I didnt have- the one of the boys sleeping. It WAS a wonderful weekend- we'll have to do it again sometime soon! We love you guys!!