Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dena's play day

I love the picture of Tyson! He was so excited to get out the door that he got himself ready. What a good kid!

Last week I was able to get away for a day and go on some "dates". Corie (and Bella) and I sat around and talked and laughed and went to lunch. Oh, and entertained ourselves with the camera because we are always oh so good at that.

Later that night I was able to spend time hanging out with Emily and her family.
All this time with Bella and Marleigh just made me even more baby hungry. I was tempted to put my initials on some cute new outfits Marleigh has so that Emily would remember to pass them on to me when I have a baby girl. (I didn't)
I so needed this "day off" with my friends! I have been so homesick for these girls, it was great to go play and to share their babies for a little while.
Thanks Em and Corie!

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Nate and Emily said...

Love the pic of Tyson! It made me smile! I just love seeing my kids on other peoples blogs! I needed a play day like that, too! Thanks!