Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday Tia!

So post 200!  Wowza!  What better to use it for than this girl's birthday?  How can it be that she is 14?  I swear she was just a sweet little girl a minute ago!
"Tooters" was a nickname that at 12 she insisted she was too old for, for a day, then she told her dad that he could keep calling her that for a while but only until she was 14.  ~(I'm sure at 12 the age 14 seemed Forever away).  Wonder how she'll really feel about that, my guess is that she'll let her dad get away with calling her silly nicknames for at least a year or two more!:)
Tia just turned 14 and here is her list of 14 very favorites right now, in her words, her order:

1)  Natasha Bedingfield
2) Nachos
3) Pepsi
4) Dena and Dad
5) Drawing
6) Friends
7) Facebook
8) Hanging out with my family
9) Pictures
10) Dancing
11) Singing
12) Making bracelets
13) New Moon
14) Summer

A few other things I can think of off the top of my head that she loves: phones~any phone anyone will let her play with, and on that note-texting-texting everyone she knows, going to movies,  laughing, makeup, crazy color highlights in our hair, her mp3 player, girl time with lots of girl talk about boys, the color green, vampire stories, scary movies and scary books.  And this beautiful girl is such a caregiver.  She tries hard to take care of her siblings and keep peace between them.  She's also a super babysitter and takes such good care of all the babies in the family.  It has been fun (and sometimes crazy and frustrating:) to watch her grow from a little girl into this teenage creature she's becoming.

Happy Birthday Tia!  We love you so much!  We're so proud of the smart, funny caring person you are.

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