Monday, March 29, 2010

Beauty in every moment

I'm trying lately to live in each present moment.  Because no matter the stresses of the future or some negative thing happening in my life before now, or after now, today still brings beautiful moments.  What a shame it would be to miss these moments because I'm too busy thinking about the past or stressing or planning for the future.  This especially is true when thinking about my life as a parent, as I've written before.  Right now though, as much as about my life as a parent I'm really wanting to adopt the ability to see and Live the beautiful moments in every area of my life every day.
When I'm truly living every moment there are less regrets, no feeling like I missed out on life.  When this phase of life is done I'm going to miss it.  Looking back on each part of my life I see that there are things (beautiful moments) that I miss and long for all along the way.  Instead of this being a mournful feeling I am embracing it as proof that my life has and will be full of wonderful things, wonderful people, wonderful experiences that make wonderful memories. 

Here is a quote I found recently that I loved.  It makes me a little teary thinking about how fast Spencer's baby days went by and how fast his childhood is passing too:

"Parents usually mark their children's  firsts-first food, first words, first steps-but lasts often slip by unnoticed.  I don't remember the last time I carried my son up the stairs in the crook of my arm.  Or the last time I read him a bedtime story, closing the cover of Goodnight Moon when I was done.  Or the last time he and I kissed on the lips or crossed the street hand in hand.  Or the last time he called me "Daddy".  I don't remember because I didn't know it was the last time.  Had I known I would have cherished it more.  I would have held on tighter."
~Edward Warner

This same sentiment is easily transfered to many other things in life.  At least if I'm making an effort to live in the present I'll know I at least lived the moments, even if they were the lasts and I didn't know it.

And here is a song we love around here.  It has long been a car or kitchen concert song and my niece Emmy loves it so much that hearing it often makes me think of her.  I'm finding it resonates with me even more lately now that I'm really listening to the lyrics.  (~I had trouble posting it with just the song and no music video, so if you hate having the visual of the video mess up what the song already means to you as much as I do, then look away!)  But enjoy this beautiful song today!

***On a separate note...comments are activated again.  I was getting some negative messages elsewhere and know that the person leaving them also reads this blog so I disabled comments for a while because I didn't have a need to have those kind of things show up here. then I realized how easy the delete button is to use:) So I'd love to read your comments again!~~Happy day everyone!

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