Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My One Small Change Updates

Let's play catch up about my One Small Change for January, February and now March.  I realize that I've started posts about them then not gone back to publish them because of lack of good photos.  I know, silly right?  I should have good photos of everything since my camera averages 100 shots taken per week. But no, no good photos.  Today I decided to post anyway.

So here in January I started my changes with the resolve to take my own bags to the store.  No more accumulating plastic and paper disposable ones from shopping.  How'd I do?  Fair.  Actually pretty good, not great but pretty good.  I did succeed in making 5 more bags and that has helped much, but still they have the habit of getting filled with other goodies around the house and seem too full to grab for every shopping adventure.  I've realized this needs some organization and attention.

In February I decided that my change would be to not buy any more paper towels or napkins.  I decided to go ahead and use the rest of what we had (which was very very little because I already didn't like the idea of them) and we made the switch to cloth napkins and using cloth towels for any cleaning and cleaning up we had to do.  How'd we do?  Very good.  Even John likes this one, because it cuts costs, even if just by a little.  We are often a house with many guests.  I'm sure there will be napkins and paper towels occasionally in our future for some of these times. (at the most last summer our house held 14 adults and 18 kids for meals, with 6 of said adults and 15 of said kids sleeping over.~we have a 2 bedroom house~luckily it was summer and we put tents in the yard!) Anyway, like I said, when we have many guests I'm not opposed to napkins!

Now March, my One Small Change for March is definitely small.  I decided to spend this month going out of my way to 'use what I have'.  And to donate no less than 2 garbage bags a week of 'stuff'.  I'm letting this reach into all the corners of our lives.  We're going to use up soaps, lotions, toiletries, art supplies etc before buying any more.  I also have supplies on hand to make natural soaps and lotions so instead of buying more of that after we run out I'll just make some.
Spencer has decided he'll part with 2 garbage bags full of toys and clothes over the course of the month (not each week as I'm aspiring to!) And he has gathered a large pile of his books that he is ready to go trade in at the used bookstore.  We may wait a few weeks until we can make a trip to Utah for this, as a couple of the used bookstores there are ones we love!
I also have a few gifts I need to give in the next couple of months and I'm going to use fabric that I already have stashed to make them.  We've started to go through closets and fill bags of stuff to get rid of.  Right now my car is full of boxes and bags of clothes, toys, books and kitchen gizmos that need to be dropped off at a donation site.  And no new stuff is going to come in to replace it!  I feel lighter and freer just thinking of how lovely it'll be to be rid of so much clutter!  And how free I'll feel not spending more money on things we don't really need right now.  Wish me luck!
And good luck to you as you take on your small change this month!


Mary Lynn said...

Way to go on your changes! I've gotten rid of paper towels and napkins in the past mostly cause I hate buying them and sort of lazy and forget to buy them. haha I've gotten rid of toys but I swear everyone I get rid of somehow they seem to multiply more out of spite ... !!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

I enjoyed reading your Jan and Feb progress...sounds like some great changes! March sounds great also. Isn't it funny how we will go out and buy things before we finish them up at home first! Good luck and feel free to stop by any time this month and let us know how it is going!