Sunday, March 14, 2010

Simple Happiness

I was tagged a while back by Shannon to list ten simple things that make me happy.  I'm finally getting around to making my list.  I found it really hard to keep to ten, I was finding many more!  I also found that thinking about my happiness today is helping lift my mood a bit.  Thanks Shannon!
Here goes:
1) This boy, his laughter, his company, my amazement at my luck at being his mom!

2) Gray, rainy days.  I can't put into words how much I love these days!  They truly lift my spirits and make me happier!

3) The mountains.

4) Connections, soul mate connections.  Being known, unconditional love, giving it and receiving it, true joy.  Feeling like Oregon.

5) Friends.  Support, laughter, understanding, conversation, adventure.  Good stuff, friendship.

6) Books!  (usually in less disarray)

7) My family, and this crazy wonderful family I married into,  laughter is my favorite!  There's always much of that when we're together.

8) My journals, many many many over the years.  Bring peace and clarity and later nostalgia and memories.

9) Funky mugs, with or without tea or coffee, for building or for drinking out of.

10) Little bits of time I take for me, the meditation, quiet and creating I allow into my day.

The idea of a tag is to tag others too, so I'm going to tag Mary Lynn, Emily, Corie, Brittney, Candice, Nicole and Stephanie, Amy and Yvonne.

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