Thursday, March 25, 2010

This past weekend...a.k.a. Jen and Dena go on a date

It is almost weekend time again, how did it take me so long to post this!? Sorry for the wait Jen!
It was time for new tires on the car so that meant a trip to somewhere to get tires, so we decided an overnight family date would be fun and we went to stay with A.J. and Jen.
We all know how John feels about theaters, and about people (not much fondness for them) so when Jen suggested the boys go to a movie and we stay in and watch movies they wouldn't like John reversed the plan to be that he and A.J. could watch zombie movies at home, kids in bed and Jen and I could go out.  
It was almost as big of a deal as prom! So exciting to go to a movie, no kiddos.  Laughing is always fun, it is my favorite after all, and there was much laughing so I enjoyed the weekend!  
The girls were pretty excited to see Spencer too.  The first night we were there Spencer was playing one of the video games on the T.V. and Karissa was dancing in front of him and every minute or so would touch her nose to his and say "hi, hi, hi".  So cute!  And he was so patient, just kept pausing the game to tell her hi too.  On the way home he said that even though the girls always wanted to be right next to him and he barely was alone all weekend he thinks they're cute and it made him happy that they were so excited to see him.
Thanks for having us over guys!

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