Saturday, March 20, 2010

My current reading list~March 2010

I find myself going through a creative ebb and flow cycle.  Right now I'm feeling a little on the down swing of things.  So many ideas and a bit of excitement to get projects underway but not as much motivation for follow through.  I think that is coming from a place of stress and emotional waves of highs and lows.  Too much cortisol in the system is leaving me a little too drained for art-ing yet I know that if I just let myself go with the creative flow good would come out of it both in the form of art and stress relief.  Funny how 'stuck' happens.

On that note, I'm reading some great books right now, these are the ones I'm still in the midst of...

'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron.  I'm reading this with a group of people from the Inside Out class I recently took.  The first bit is talking a lot about becoming unblocked as an artist.  I think it is a little funny and ironic that I didn't feel very blocked until I started into this book.   What does that say?  Maybe I'm a little more aware?   One of the things this book introduces is morning pages, which is similar to part of  how I've journaled for years with the exception that you are not supposed to look back on morning pages right away and I've had a tendency to re-read journal pages not too long after I write. Even though free form writing finds its way into my journaling before I've had fun with this 'no thinking' writing with the morning pages.

I'm finding a bit of happy and inspiration in all the books I'm reading right now.  I'm going through a bit of a philosophy kick lately so when visiting with friends last night and one mentioned her favorite book and  offered me a copy of  'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' by Robert M. Pirsig, I happily accepted it and started reading it this morning.  I think books have a way of finding the people that need them and always say yes when someone offers me a book, for maybe I need to read it!  Who knows what it'll bring into my life?  And then I get to be a tool to pass it on further where the universe wants to take it. How great is that?  Only a few chapters in but enjoying it so far.  This may be one I decide should be a slow read as it already is one I am tempted to jot little notes on.

'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin is a book I would recommend anyone read.  It is a quick easy read but with great reminders, insight and ideas to cultivate happiness in any life. 

'The Pig that Wants to be Eaten' by Julian Baggini is one I'm loving!  It is full of seeds to spur lengthy conversation.  Good stuff.
'Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie' by Alan Bradley is a fictional mystery story that is kind of fun and 'Why Men never Remember and Women never Forget' by Marianne J. Legato is a relationship book looking at differences between the genders, so far interesting. 

So tonight we're headed out of town and I'm so tempted to take this whole stack with me because who knows what I'll be in the mood to read in the car, in bed, waiting for tires to be put on my car in the morning??  But I suppose I'll narrow it down to one or 2 in hopes of packing 'light'.

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