Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happier Outside

Yesterday on the way  home I decided to stop at the river.  It is just right there, on the way, and Spencer loves throwing rocks in, so why don't we do things like that more often?  We should.  He was surprised, as it wasn't planned and as I have a bad habit of being in a 'hurry' to get things done.  It was a wonderful half hour of walking on the bank of the river, throwing rocks in and hearing what is on the mind of my 9 year old. 
He thought the bird nests were pretty cool.  And when he started picking up garbage I thought he was doing just that, picking up garbage, what a good kid.  But no, he found an old coke bottle and wanted to bring it home to wash and give to Grandma for her collection.  Still, what a good kid.  And we did use a bag from the car and picked up garbage before we headed home, Spencer did think that was pretty cool to clean up, and pretty rude of people to leave garbage at the river.  Indeed.

Spencer said at one point "You know what?  I'm always a lot happier when I'm outside".  I did know that about him, from the time he was a tiny baby.  Fussy and upset, we'd walk outside and it was a magical balm that calmed him.  Has been ever since. 

See my shoes?  Proof that it was a 'spur of the moment' stop.  Very windy day, and a little cold actually for this foot attire, but as long as it isn't snowing I couldn't not wear flip flops, it makes it feel more like summer!!
Which brings us to this morning....I didn't take my camera out on my walk but here are the views from my front porch before I went on said walk.

Lovely almost May weather isn't it?


Brimful Curiosities said...

I hope we are finished with snow here. I feel happier outside, too, especially when the scenery is beautiful.

Heather said...

Everything is better outside. Even in the dead of winter, my boys still beg to get outdoors

Dena Moon Clinger said...

I have to agree with you both, outside is so much happier!