Friday, April 09, 2010

Introspective today

And for days now.  So much pain and heartbreak going on all around, so many people around me hurting right now for different reasons.
I've been meaning to post about our spring break, or the kids art projects going on now but haven't been able to get my head in the right place. 
I'm wishing there was more that I could do to ease the pain of the people going through such heartache.  Wishing my tears could lessen some of their own, as I'm sure they don't, and there are just no words.  So instead trying to send love, prayers and positive energy that direction.  Love to my friend Katie who said goodbye to her son this week, her strength, love and grace simply amaze me.

On a happy note 2 weddings in Utah this weekend, not sure if we'll be able to make both.  And another happy note, Emily and Nate's new baby Sophie was born yesterday! (another reason to make it to Utah)

This morning my small joy was a table with flowers and fresh from my juicer grapefruit juice! (To go with my whole grapefruit breakfast, not sure my husband will be thrilled when he finds I finished off the grapefruit this morning, maybe I'll go get more before he gets home!)  Introspective pink morning.

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