Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting outside!

Found this little challenge at 5 Orange Potatoes and thought I'd jump in and accept the challenge, as it is something I very much agree with!  The link will get you to the original post about it for the whole story.  Basically, get outside, every day, with your kids.  And so, here we go.  Mindfully making time to be outdoors, every day every day (not just this month) and a photo of our outdoor adventures each day for at least the rest of the month.  (which amazingly is over half gone...I have NO idea how that happened, musta been a time warp).

Mud puddles.  Really is there anything more joy provoking in childhood?  The magical part for the mamas of these muddy kiddos is how delighted said kiddos were to have us join them but how content they were for hours after we disappeared onto the porch to listen to those wonderful laughing sounds but ..away.  Oh magical grown up conversations without little ears near by. Wonderful.

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