Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Outside yesterday

After school yesterday my niece, Emily, rode the bus to my parents house and Spencer and I met her there.  My parents have this fantastic ranch with tons and tons of adventure opportunities.  I was lucky to grow up there and feel pretty lucky that our kids get to enjoy it now too.  The weather was warm and nice, the company was fun and tree climbing ensued.  Before tree climbing there was an excursion with butterfly nets out into the back field, not many bugs were caught though.
I do like that there is so little snow left!  
The last picture is of the tree that our tree house lived in when I was a kid.  At one point it was hit by lightning and half of it fell and was cleared away.  Yesterday I actually LOOKED at it.  You know how something is just there, always there, and you don't really SEE it anymore?  That is how I felt about this tree yesterday.  This very loved tree, my second favorite tree on the whole place.  I was surprised to see what it really looks like.  Old, strong, beautiful though, no?  I think it needs another tree house this year!

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Lola said...

What fun! I need to find some trees for the kids to climb!
I love that you really SAW something that was always right there. Refreshing, I may have to go LOOK around soon!