Sunday, April 11, 2010

House full of forts

Natalie's "fort"

Samantha's "fort"
Notice Nat's feet poking out as she was sleeping the other morning. 

If I had had any idea how small cage like enclosures would have cut down the fighting and chaos level in our house and make these kids so happy I would have had John out building actual kid cages long ago.  As it happened though, the kids built their own out of blankets, pillows, chairs, my folded up massage table and other nifty building material.  It really, really helped spring break seem a bit peaceful.  Can't say I was sad to see them taken down and cleaned up the last day but I was happy to have them filling the house until then because they made the kids hap hap happy!


Heather said...

Fort area a big part of our lives as well, and what a great way to inspire imagination

Lola said...

Oh! I do love the little striped feet in toes-ie socks sticking out of that fort! Like Heather said, a great way to inspire inspiration. Bravo to you as a mama for having the patience to let your house be full of forts!