Friday, April 16, 2010

Only butterflies?

The last little while I've realized that my life, my self, my time, my emotions have all been going in too many directions and at too many speeds and too many intensities for me to keep up with in a healthy way.  The past week I've taken much time to pull back into myself, recollect and perhaps heal a bit.
I've felt almost in a fog.  I'm wanting to wake up.  Finally I feel that my pulling back, reevaluating and reaching for some peaceful balance is starting to pay off.  I do have to give much credit to my husband who took care of me last weekend when I was teetering on the edge of giving into the fog and hibernating this 'funk' away.  He cooked all the meals, even did dishes, let me hang out in a nest of warm blankets on the couch with my book, rented us a wide assortment of movies to zone out to, all much appreciated by  his teary, tired, daydreamy wife.  I was also able to have a few long conversations with a wonderful friend that I've been missing so much, that helped a bazillion too, more than expected.
Anyway, point could be that I'm feeling like said fog is starting to dissipate and I'm ready to start functioning like the fully capable person I was a while back!  I'm absolutely sure that the fact that the snow has stopped the last couple of days and today actually sees the sun out and trying to melt all that snow helps my mood immensely as well.
Also~I've received many an email the past while saying that comments still aren't working here.  I think I found and fixed the problem! Should be working again now.  Sorry about that and thanks for the emails!  

(this is not a picture of where I am physically, but where I am in my head, where I want to be right now)~ In real life I'm in my house that needs cleaning, with piles of laundry waiting for me before I go back to work, in my still snow covered town.~and that isn't so bad either.

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