Friday, January 01, 2010

Not many a photo for our Christmas

It is still a little crazy to me that my boy is 9!  He is no longer quite as crazy about Godzilla and super heroes as he once was.  He is wild about the wild west these days and loves all things cowboy.  He received a couple of belt buckles for Christmas that he was overjoyed about, and a log cabin for his cowboy action figures to set up fort in.
Christmas Eve was a wonderful day of cooking while watching Christmas cartoons with Spencer then a quick visit to my in laws and dinner with my family.  On Christmas we had my parents over for gift opening in the morning then a great day playing at home then headed over to John's parents house for lunch and visiting all evening. 

I wasn't feeling the greatest on Christmas and somehow (I still have no idea how, I must've really really not been feeling good), I ended up with almost no pictures.  At the time it seemed like not a big deal to skip the picture hoopla and lay on the couch.  Now I'm missing the photos that could have been.  Oh well.  We did have a Merry Christmas and hope you did too!

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