Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Christmas, Happy Memories, Happy Wishes

With Christmas wrapping up I realize how few pictures I've taken this year.  That is out of character for me.  The ones I did get were pretty good though so they'll do.  (I'll maybe post some in the next few days, but for today here are some pictures of the mugs and matchy holiday things that have made me so happy every morning this month!  This collection was gifted to me in pieces by 3 different friends (who do not know each other), amazing that they are all so matchy!  I heart them.)
It was a nice quiet Christmas, Spencer was the only one of the kids we had here this year.  It was a wonderful peaceful few days.  Next week the chaos starts when the rest of the kids get here!  Here's to hoping for positively charged chaos!!
The past has been on my mind lately.  And if unbreakable connections are what they used to be I'm fairly certain that the past is on someone else's mind lately as well.  I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday, there were thoughts and memories of an old friend who loves bookstores the way I do. I'm thankful for happy memories.

Happy wishes for Happy futures! 

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Mary Lynn said...

Love the pictures and love the mugs!!!! So awesome!!!