Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lucky me!

I was lucky enough to get to spend a few hours with some of my favorite people this week.  I love how Emily is looking at Tyson in the last picture here.  Cute hu?  She's such a good mom, her kids are so lucky!  I just love that you can see how much she loves him in this picture!
And look how big Marleigh is getting!  I promise she likes me part of the time, she is much like her brother Carter was at her age, in relation to me, she doesn't see me enough for me to fall all the way out of the 'stranger' category so she's a little leery most of the time, then warms up to me, then is scared because I'm a stranger.
Anywhoo, it was a great afternoon getting to see them and I was wishing I had days instead of hours to spend!

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