Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More than one happy change today.

I'm so happy about this new 3 column set up I have going on here at the blog!  Until now it has been so elusive to me, had no clue how other people had these nifty 3 instead of two columns.  Today I found these easy peasy instructions and Presto changeo!  Here is the link if you need the same help.

Ok, now on to the change we'll start this month in our family life for the One Small Change project.  (and for the good of the planet and our lives:)
Time and time again I've decided to use no more plastic bags when I'm out grocery shopping and the like.  I have so many great reusable bags but lately they are getting used to tote toys, books, knitting, lunch and those sorts of family on the go needs.  I think these are all perfectly good uses for these bags but it has made fewer available when it is time for a shopping trip.

Our change this month will start with me making a few more reusable shopping bags (I have some great heavy duty fabric from the thrift store that will be perfect for this project).  And then, of course, they'll make their way with us to the store, every time.

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