Friday, January 22, 2010

A little more done on these projects and a little more to do

Here are a few things that the fabric my Aunt Sheila gave me turned into.  The tote bag started with plans as a purse but I didn't quite like how it was going so it made its way into a giant (suitcase for the whole family size) bag.  Tall enough for my knitting needles so chances are that is what may live there.
The little bags will have big, colorful, fun buttons along the top and will be gifted to our nieces over the next few months as birthday gifts, some will hold art supplies, some make-up.  I'm sure they'll all have a chance at holding some girls' treasures. There actually ended up being enough fabric in this set to make my giant bag and 6 little ones for the girls.  


aimee said...

cool! i can't do a thing with fabric, but i love to see what others are up to with it!

Mary Lynn said...

I love your big bag!! That is so cute! I wish I liked to sew ... well, I think I would if my sewing machine would work more than 1/4 of the time! Way to go!