Sunday, January 24, 2010

What is on your fridge?

Isn't the fridge a little window into the house?
The fridge seems to be a revolving display of the moments' favorites.  The pictures of Spencer and I when he was a baby seem to stay, I love seeing them everyday.  And the magnet frames that have pictures of Emily and I back in our roommate days always stay. 
Everything else moves for something else to come in.
Right now we have this year's school pictures of some nieces and nephew.  A calender magnet from Eve's Garden in Evanston, cute magnets my friend Amy made for me, a magnet from my friend Teresa's trip to North Dakota, Disneyland magnets from the 2006 trip Spencer and I took to California, stone word magnets I fell in love with on one of my trips with Robert, a Motley Crue magnet that speaks for itself, a favorite picture of Nat and Mak, a thank you note from Mak for the Christmas gift I gave her, a 'son up to son down' magnet from my mom, my recycle bottlecaps magnets and a picture of Spencer with 2 of his cousins this summer that I love!  I just took down all of the Christmas cards and packed them to be put in a scrapbook when I get around to it at some point.
Our hall is the display place for all the artwork that the many kids in our lives make, there is just not enough room on the fridge for all that!
What is on your fridge right now?

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