Friday, January 22, 2010

Save Me, San Fransisco

I am somewhere else in my head lately.  I'm not in the present moment like I need to be.  Regret.  A useless emotion, so why can't I shake it?  I'm spending so much time reflecting on poor choices.  The what if game isn't oh so healthy.  The life in a parallel universe daydreams are ok though, I think.  And of course reminiscing and honoring memories is a good thing.  Just for now I want to be in 2001.  October 18, 2001 would be good.   Oh how I would love a game of pool, cold drinks, loud music and amazing conversation about everything that comes to mind right now.  How can you ever tire of talking about quantum physics and the benefits of breastfeeding?  Yep, I'm so missing all that. 
And have you heard Train's album "Save Me, San Fransisco"?  That album is almost entirely about my world back then.  I do realize it was released in 2009 so it wasn't actually what I listened to then, but almost the whole album speaks to me about back then.  Magical, wonderful.   Now back to daydreaming, listening to this great album and wishing for change in my present moment.

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